For modern and ambitious women.

Better sleep.

Leizi aims to provide you with the well-rested night you deserve. A truly restful sleep. Do you know the feeling of sleeping in a hotel bed? We want to bring you that feeling every night, in the comfort of your own home. It's at our core to create better sleep so you can live a passionate and successful life. Organic Orange Silk-satin is our main fabric and provides valuable and desired benefits such as anti-frizz to hair, anti-ageing and less friction to the skin. It's also good for sensitive and acne-prone skin and has the ability to regulate temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Better You.

Making you feel more confident and pretty when going to sleep will contribute to a more relaxed night. Be the diva at your own palace with our pieces. They were carefully crafted for you, so you can wake up in your best version, feeling rested, happy and confident to conquer your day.  And since you feel so confident, why not go outside with your loungewear? Leizi garments can also be worn outdoors for a bolder look.

Better Morning.

Since you experience a better sleep, you will automatically experience a better morning. Ordinary pillowcases can cause friction which often leads to split ends, knotting and hair damage. The smooth texture of Orange Silk allows hair to glide over it as you rest, reducing frizz, tangles and the dreaded bed-head. Imagine getting up in the morning and not having bed-head or sleep creases? That could be your reality with the Orange Silky Dreams Pillowcase. Saves time and embarrassment.

Better Planet.

Leizi’s products are made from luxurious materials based on ethical principles. Our fabrics are manufactured locally, cruelty free and offer an alternative for people who are concerned with sustainability and shopping consciously. We believe in quality, so our products are made to have a long-lasting life, if treated gently. 

woman in bed with a white dressing gown and silk pillowcases




Smooth & Silky