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Inspired by the history of silk and the value of sleep, with a growing concern for issues related to skin nutrition and hair health, Leizi is a brand made from luxury materials based on ethical principles.

Now more than ever, we spend a considerable amount of time in our home, so we believe that small gestures of comfort and protection may flatter the female attitude and wellness. Our home is set to increasingly become a sanctuary for rest and personal care, driven by a need for calm and comfort in an age of frenetic pace and anxiety.

Physical and emotional comfort are being extended to materials. The well-being and self-care demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers are being met by textile attributes such as softness on skin contact, lightness, shape recovery, anti-wrinkle and easy care, as well as health benefits such as moisture management and thermoregulation.

Our raw material comes from the finest fibres of natural origin - cruelty-free -  which are carefully and sensibly selected to provide supremely soft pieces. The garments are immaculately finished and locally manufactured and are either natural (non-dyed) or botanically dyed (non-toxic pigments) with a long-lasting finish.

Leizi expresses itself through fine garments in a unique naturalness, merged with the culture of cinema and influenced by nature’s architecture, history and romance. Leizi offers an exclusive look based on simplicity, whose exquisite pieces feature intricate details such as hand stitching emphasis to add individuality and personality to each piece, a superior note for a true beauty sleep. 

A transparent and collaborative ethos is extended to and expected of our partners, and manufacturers, engaging sustainable, innovative and responsible production practices.

The Orange Silky Dreams Collection

Knowing that silk has important characteristics in its texture and composition, it became a mission to find a fabric with similar properties but produced in a responsible way. It was essential for the brand that the raw material used in this first collection represented its ethical and sustainable values. Thus, Leizi's first collection was created from a 100% organic fabric made with orange peel - the Orange Silk.

Featured by bedroom items (pillowcases, pyjamas/ loungewear and eye mask), Leizi aims to provide a unique and peaceful night's sleep. A truly repairing sleep.

Designed in a calming "no textile dyes" hue - respecting the most sensitive skin, this relaxed Leizi's approach is one of purposeful detail: ensure an enhanced breathability for a better sleep. For a better you.

The Orange Silky Dreams Collection is an essential nightwear collection endlessly appealing to the homeostasis between the beauty and the wellness and embodies qualities of preciousness and individuality like the crafted lace applied by hand, which make these pieces unique and can take up to three days to be created.

Leizi garments can be worn at home or outdoors for a bolder look.


bunny with oranges in a white bed
leizi founder with her bunny siza

About the founder

Leizi was born during a difficult period in the founder’s life, after being diagnosed with narcolepsy - a neurological sleep disorder characterised by episodes of daytime hypersomnia usually associated with sleep disturbances, coupled with night sweats and restless leg syndrome. Nights were quite agitated and poorly slept and she would wake up more tired than when going to bed, making her feel exhausted and often exasperated with everything around her - consequences derived from the lack of a deserved and due rest, with a very significant impact on her quality of life, causing a drop in performance and self-confidence along with a feeling of saturation and aging.

Alongside the need to bring comfort to her and to those who share the same pains, she went through meticulous research for the best ways to improve the quality of her night and sleep, reduce dampness and therefore regain the energy and confidence that a modern woman needs and deserves to face daily life.